The right home at the right time.

Traill County has numerous properties available to rent. Check out the list below to find a home or apartment that fits your lifestyle.

21 5th Ave. SE - Mayville

View more information or contact 701.566.1036


45 Main St. W. - Mayville

Contact 701.371.2247

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Sauke Apartments - Mayville

Located on 8th Ave. SE and 9th Ave. SE in … Read More

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Lerfald Apartments - Mayville

Located at 48 2nd Ave. NE in Mayville. Contact 701.786.4000.

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Jacobson Studio Apartments - Mayville

Located at 14 Main St. W. in Mayville. Contact 701.788.2611.

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J & S Rentals - Mayville

Located at 543 3rd St. SE in Mayville. Contact 701.599.2711 … Read More

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Volla Apartments - Mayville

Located at 15 3rd Ave. SE in Mayville. Contact 701.371.7274.

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